Practicing Math at Home

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***Parents: don't be overwhelmed!  Try to practice one or two of these areas each evening.  A lot of math can be covered in 10 minutes!  You'll find your child's strengths and weaknesses quickly.  Then you'll know what to practice more and what will give them a confidence boost.

1.      Counting - By the end of second grade we count by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

2.  Practice math facts- Start with addition and subtraction.  We will move to multiplication and division later in the year. 

 Some ideas:

·         Flashcards – purchase or make cards with numbers with numbers 0-10 on them (or use playing cards).  Practice each family 0-9 (Example: Say, “Add 5”.  Flash each number card.  OR Say “Subtract from 10”.  Flash each card.  

·       Play dominoes.  Before laying a domino, you must tell the sum or difference of the numbers.

·     Visit websites listed below.    

3.    Time  - have your child practice reading an analog clock.  A practice clock can be made from a paper plate.  Ask questions like: "What time was it one hour ago?" or "How many hours are in a day?"

4.  Money  - have your child count piles of spare change.  It's also good to practice writing the amounts 2 ways...use a cent sign...use a dollar sign and a decimal.

5.  Measurement - have your child use a ruler or yardstick to measure items around the house.  Good questions are: "How many inches in one foot?  2 feet?"  or   "How many feet are in one yard?"


Math Practice Sites

A.  Math Fact Practice
B.  Games, Flashcards, Worksheets
C.  Lots of Games (not all are learning games)
D. Create Your Own Worksheets
E.  Money