Science Sites

Extinct and Endangered Animals


Frog Sites

1.  Poison Dart Frogs 5.  Cane Toads 9.  Poisonous Frog pictures
2.  Red-eyed Tree Frogs 6.  Biggest Frog 10.  Froggy Tic Tac Toe
3.  American Bull Frog 7.  Smallest Frog  
4.  Just Joking 8.  Albino Frogs  


Food and Nutrition

Little D's Nutrition Games Time for Bed
What Food Is It? My Pyramid Game



Space Sites
1. NASA Kids
2. Put the planets in space
3. Beautiful space pictures
4. Launch simulation



William "Snowflake" Bentley            CalTech Snowflakes        


Wright Brothers' Airplane


  Veterans' Day


   Eagle Puzzle


   Hard Eagle Puzzle




1.  Investigate Insects 2.  PestWorld 3.  Insects Tour
4.  Build A Bug 5.  Monarchs in Mexico 6.  Butterfly Puzzle
7.  Bee Body Quiz 8.  Tour the Hive 9.  Insect Photos





1.  What part of plants do we eat?

2.  Create a flower garden.

3.  Helping plants grow well.

4.  Plants and animals